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If the word Kanxoc is read without the nasal sound it means: counting with the string, counting four times, if pronounced with the nasal sound as do the local people, it can mean: k´an as mature, yellow, and xoc as wisdom (to read, to count).

So according to the writer Ramirez Aznar from Yucatán, Kanxoc means: “Place where one learns to read and interpret symbols or hieroglyphs of the Cupul area.” He refers that this town was one of the prehispanic strongholds of the region of Valladolid.

Kanxoc has over four thousand inhabitants; the majority is fluent in the mayan language and few speak spanish, the official language. Those who can speak spanish have learned it either in bilingual schools or because they left the community to neighboring cities, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, where they worked in hotels and stores or as construction workers.

Kanxoc stands in the eastern part of the state of Yucatan, 16 kilometers from the city of Valladolid; its major production is through temporal agriculture using the traditional system of clearing, grazing and burning the land.

The soil is very fertile as Kanxoc is close to the southern area of the state and its land is different from the rest of Yucatan which consists of limestone.

The people from Kanxoc consider themselves a part of the land and see it as their main source of life; they believe that it is their duty to care for the Earth and to work hard to keep her alive.

The word “commitment” is of great value to the Kanxoc people, it means promise and is closely related to the ideas of dignity and honesty.

Thesis: Struggle: Body, power, social and cultural change. Ana Rosa Duarte Duarte

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